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Providing unique A/V solutions since 1980


 Corporate Overview
From our CEO and founder, Steven Steele

In 1980, the company started in the basement of my parents' home and was called Platinum Productions. Platinum was located in rural W-Hollow, Greenup, Kentucky, which is famous as the home of Jesse Stuart, writer and poet of over 30 works. Since his death, the 1600 acres of property he owned next to our family farm has been made
into Kentucky's largest natural preserve.

The company originally began as a video DJ service. My music video collection originally began as a hobby. I collected early music clips that bands were making for promotional purposes. I had made many connections with people in the music industry because of the famed US 23 "Country Music Highway" which ran right through the area. This is the home of such people as The Judds, Ricky Scaggs, Tom T. Hall and Billy Ray Cyrus to name just a few of the many stars. I also did live recordings from a mobile, 8-track studio that was built and installed in a van.

I first got the idea to build some kind of music video system when I realized that the public would love the idea of not only hearing the music of their favorite artists, but seeing them on a big screen.
We, meaning myself and Carl Sikes (a laid-off steel mill foreman and friend) really got
motivated to complete the video disc jockey show as a local radio station got on board
and offered us our first job at the Huntington Civic Center in West Virginia. The station
expected over 5,000 people for this event!

At that time, we didn't even have a way to get around so Carl, being handy with a welder,
built us a custom trailer that I could tow with my 1975 pickup.

As word spread about this unique entertainment showcase, we soon bought another trailer,
going the commercial route this time, since all of our energies and time were focused
on building another system. Quickly, we realized that the 1200 sq. foot basement was getting too small.

The Move to Cincinnati / 1990
Carl finally got called back to the steel mill full-time and had to leave Platinum. Alot had happened to me, as my parents had bought property in Florida, and were spending about six
months out of the year in each residence.

I was soon to be married and knew that the rural company could only grow so much.
We were limited by geography and I knew that Platinum Productions needed a MAJOR
MARKET if the company were to grow and expand.

The first thing was to find property that suited a growing company, and my need to be with
the company. I liked the idea of a home business and decided on Amelia, Ohio, a
suburb of Cincinnati. This way, Platinum could have both acreage and the home business atmosphere. At this time, I changed the name of the company to Platinum Video Systems , as there was a company in the Covington, Kentucky area using the name Platinum Productions.

Now and Beyond
Platinum is now located on a nine acre complex with an individual warehouse and new offices. The new location is wooded and is a place where we can expand.

Platinum Video Systems has evolved into a full service audio/visual company providing total turn-key production for all types of events. From sound, video, lighting, stage decor and rigging, you won't have to look any further than us to provide for all of your needs at some of the most competitive pricing in the industry!

We even have expanded into trucking to support our touring schedules. It is custom built, featuring air ride (to protect the equipment), seven rows of E-track (to secure the gear), and an extra lift axle to carry extra weight, if needed. This logistical system ensures that the show arrives to our clients on time...every time..


1955 East Concord Road
Amelia, OH  45102


Phone: (513)  238-0666 0r
(513)  238-0770