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Green A/V
Transforming Company and Services
By Jeff Mulvihill
Account Executive, Platinum Video Systems

Platinum Video Systems strives for excellence and putting together memorable shows for our clients. In our industry, we must keep up with changes, ranging from technology in our equipment to delivering modern stage designs to meet the goals of our customers. Platinum has taken it one step further by transforming our company into an environmentally friendly audio/visual enterprise. These changes not only help out Mother Nature but also benefit our clients.

Our CEO and president Steve Steele had the environment in mind when he built his new office and warehouse in Amelia, Ohio in 2000. He started by building the warehouse with skylights so there would be no need for dozens of florescent lights. We schedule all our trucks to be loaded and the equipment maintenance during daytime hours for maximum sunlight. If there is need for lighting at night the building is fully equipped with solar panels with batteries that store energy.
In 2011, our office at Platinum was converted from a LP gas heating and cooling system to a geothermal HVAC system. Geothermal systems use a heat pump which extracts heat from deep in the ground and brings a constant ground temperature into the HVAC system. Geothermal system is a large investment initially, but the benefits for the company and the environment outweigh the initial investment. There is also significant tax incentives for these systems.

The overall look of the show is very important, but so is the actual equipment. That's why we have converted from conventional lighting to LED lighting. There are many benefits not only for us, but to our customers for using LED lights. They are energy efficient and reduce general production costs. They help prevent burns and fire hazards. And LED's run on little power and produce minimal heat. They require minimal service and last much longer thus they do not have to be recycled as often. LED lighting has revolutionized the look of corporate theater for Platinum and our clients.

Logistics is a large part of every job for Platinum, and with growing corporate touring schedules we must plan the most efficient routes, with all vehicles now having GPS on board. Traveling to various cities across North America monthly is not unheard of anymore, so we have made changes to lower our carbon footprint as we travel the country. The first change made was to go from a tractor trailer unit for our long hauls to a custom long haul box truck equipped with a sleeper. By making these changes we went from 6 mpg to 9 mpg which is a 50% efficiency improvement. We also found by renting local equipment and not transporting it from our office cut down on our fuel costs. Most members of our staff are CDL (commercial driving license) certified and using two drivers we have decreased travel times between shows and lowered the amount of air travel we use as a company. In the future, Platinum is thinking about upgrading our trucks to biodiesel or hybrids. We are already using a Freightliner M-2 with a Mercedes Benz BluTech diesel engine. Large companies in the US have started using hybrid trucks made by Peterbuilt and International and this has made their fleet 25% more efficient. With fuel prices on the rise, lowering our costs with this change can be then passed on to our clients.

Platinum Video Systems goal is to provide environmentally friendly audio visual services to our clients. By using more current technology and upgrading to energy efficient equipment, and optimizing natural resources we will bring a better look and sound to our shows.